Welcome to 12CP - Direct Access Barristers

Welcome to 12CP Barristers. Our expert direct access legal services reach across the whole of the UK, providing a variety of legal representation including Employment Law and Tribunal cases, Family Legal Advice, Planning Issues, Civil Disputes and Criminal Offences.

Who are 12CP Barristers?

We have a strong team of over 40 barristers with many years of experience between them. The business is run by our knowledgeable Clerking support team who will be your first point of contact and who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We ensure that the service we provide is the highest standard possible and that you receive genuine specialist advice.

You will retain control of your case and no charges will be made unless you have specifically agreed them. There will be no hidden or unexpected costs.

Whether you just need one meeting with a Direct Access Barrister for legal advice or full representation throughout your case, we can help you from start to finish.

12CP Barristers are based in Southampton; however we can arrange meetings at a time and a location which suits you. If you decide to meet at our Chambers, you will enjoy well equipped modern conference facilities.

Our friendly yet professional approach has gained us Bar Mark recognition from the Bar Council which is a mark of quality, recognising good practice management.

Please feel free to browse our website or contact one of our friendly team today by e-mail or telephone on 02380 320 320.

Direct Access Barristers
We provide a Direct Access Barrister service to help and assist you,
This service enables you to come directly to a Barrister for the very first time. It removes the need for a middleman, and your requirements can be dealt with quickly and with a personal touch.
It is likely that at any one time you will be the Barrister’s only Direct Access client. This can give you speedy access to legal advice from someone that you have been able to get to know and trust.
It gives you a larger choice of legal representation as well as a greater control over your case. This also helps to keep costs down, often on a fixed fee basis, so you can be reassured that your expenditure won’t become unmanageable and you can negotiate your own fees.
Our experienced Clerking Team will always take account of what you can actually afford and will get you representation according to those needs.