12CP Barristers represents an exciting development from the well-established Chambers located at College Place, Southampton.

Set up in the early 1970s, 12 College Place is the largest independent Barristers’ Chambers on the South Coast and they have now established a national presence with clients throughout the United Kingdom.

To meet the challenges of the ever-changing legal market, our Barristers have trained to provide Direct Public Access services.

This enables any member of the public to go directly to a barrister for legal advice and representation, without having to go through a solicitor. You can now have total control of your  legal problem and can negotiate your own fees.

12CP Barristers has been established to give individuals and businesses an alternative source of legal advice and specialist advocacy.

Our Chambers consists of experienced Barristers and Clerks in a broad number of legal areas. Our team is thoroughly trained to deal with your issues quickly and professionally, and if necessary, support you through Court Proceedings. We can tailor your choice of Barrister to suit both yourself and your budget.

We are able to provide specialist legal advice and services including:

  • Civil Law - Consisting of over 20 members we focus on issues as diverse as personal injury, contractual disputes, landlord and tenant matters, insolvency or even company disputes. We can also provide on site Mediation services that could spare you the expense of Court proceedings.
  • Criminal Law - The Criminal Law team has a range of nearly 20 Barristers who can assist if you are faced with driving offences, environmental issues, health & safety breaches and many other aspects relating to matters in either the Crown or Magistrates’ Court.
  • Family Law - Our large team can provide advice if you are facing the trauma of divorce, separation or of losing contact with your children. We focus on giving guidance on a number of areas including child maintenance issues, helping you deal with social services or mental health issues and concerns. In addition we have a number of specialists who can help sort out contentious financial problems and help obtain monies that you should be entitled to receive.
  • Employment Law - Our Employment Lawyers focus on all aspects of employment law including issues relating to grievances, discrimination, unfair dismissal and redundancy. We have a strong team who can help you make decisions relating to making a claim, and can then guide you through the process and represent your interests in front of a Tribunal.
  • Planning Law - Our Planning Law Team can help with matters relating to planning appeals and inquiries plus enforcement issues. Our team can assist you from pre-application processes through to representation at either an Inquiry or Court hearing. We can help you with expert advice on more obscure issues such as land designated as a Village Green or matters associated with Rights of Way.

12 College Place Chambers have seen three Judges appointed from our ranks, two Counsel made Queen’s Counsel, two full-time District Judges, an Employment Tribunal Chairman and several part time judicial appointments.

Whatever your legal requirements our team can help you receive top quality advice and guidance whilst maintaining a tight personal control on the costs.

Our Achievements

Over the last 30 years we have been awarded a vast number of local authority tenders covering all areas of work, and have experience working with large corporations as well as individuals and small businesses.

We were the third set of Chambers in the country to be awarded the prestigious Bar Mark accreditation and were the first outside of London.

This award has been renewed following an intensive inspection every year since 2000, recognising excellence in our good business practices and case administration. The award covers in its ambit client care, premises, marketing, Equal Opportunities, personnel and finance to ensure the services we provide are of the highest possible quality.

Your Privacy

We take data protection very seriously and it is of utmost importance that you receive not only a high level of service, but also the privacy you require. All our members comply with the requirements of The Data Protection Act 1998

Areas of Expertise