Civil Law Costs

We have a large team of specialist Counsel who could help you with any Civil Law problem you might come across. We would be happy to discuss any legal needs you have, without any obligation, in advance of you proceeding further.

Our typical hourly rates would be between £100-£175 per hour, depending on the complexity of the case or the seniority of the Barrister you wish to instruct.

For a one-day trial, fees could range from as little as £750 +VAT to £2,500 +VAT.

You can negotiate your own fees with our Clerks and everything we charge must be agreed with you in advance, so there will be no hidden or unexpected costs.

If you do not require representation you can meet with one of our experienced team in conference or at a venue agreeable to you. This would be charged at a fixed rate agreed with you in advance.

You will have total control of your purse strings and can call on our expert help whenever you deem it necessary.