Jargon Buster Civil Law Category - G-I

Group Litigation Orders

A Group Litigation Order can be made in a claim in which there are multiple parties or claimants. The order will provide for the case management of claims which give rise to common or related issues of fact or law


Someone who promises to make payment for another if payment is not made by the person responsible for making the repayments of a loan or hire purchase agreement


A person appointed to safeguard/protect/manage the interests of a child or person under mental disability (see Next Friend)


A hearing is the trial of the case. Hearings are usually held in public

High Court

A civil Court which consists of three divisions:-

i) Queen's Bench (can be known as King's Bench Division if a King is assuming the throne) - civil disputes for recovery of money, including breach of contract, personal injuries, libel/slander;

ii) Family - concerned with matrimonial maters and proceedings relating to children, e.g. wardship;

iii) Chancery - property matters including fraud and bankruptcy


High Court Enforcement Officers

An enforcement officer appointed by the Lord Chancellor to enforce High Court judgments and orders

High Court Judge

see Judge and High Court

Home court (civil)

The court nearest to the defendant’s home or place of business

Housing claim

The procedure that a landlord may use in a county court to recover land or property (and money for arrears of rent or damage to property, if applicable). See also Possession Claim Online (PCOL)


A court order which either restrains a person from a course of action or behaviour, or which requires a person to follow another course of action.


see Bankrupt

Inspection of Documents

(see Disclosure of documents) Arrangements made by the parties to allow mutual exchange and copying of documents


A method of paying a debt in several parts at intervals. Payment by instalments is agreed to make the burden of repayment lighter


A charge for borrowed money, a percentage of the sum borrowed


Interim, pending a full order/decision, e.g. interlocutory judgment for damages pending further hearing to assess amount to be awarded and entered as final judgment

Interim order

An order made during proceedings which is not a final order

Issue / issuing

To initiate legal proceedings in pursuit of a claim