Jargon Buster Civil Law Category - V-X

Varied order

If a defendant has been ordered to pay an amount in full or by instalments, which they cannot afford, they can ask the court to vary the order to allow payment by instalments or by reduced instalments

Vexatious litigant

A person who regularly brings court cases which have little chance of succeeding. The Attorney General can apply to the High Court for an order to prevent such as person form starting legal proceedings without permission.

Warrant of Committal

Method of enforcing an order of the Court whereby the penalty for failing to comply with its terms is imprisonment; the bailiff is authorised to carry out the arrest and deliver the person to prison (or in some instances the Court)

Warrant of Delivery

Method of enforcing a judgment for the return of goods (or value of the goods) whereby a bailiff is authorised to recover the goods (or their value) from the debtor and return them to the creditor

Warrant of Execution

A method of enforcing a judgment, The bailiff is authorised to remove goods belonging to a defendant from their home or business for sale at public auction

Warrant of Possession

This gives court bailiffs the authority to take possession of a property and evict the defendant in cases, where an order for possession has been granted by a court.

Warrant of Restitution

A remedy available following illegal re-entry of premises by persons evicted under a warrant of possession. The bailiff is authorised to evict all occupants found on the premises and re-deliver the premises to the plaintiff

Winding up

The voluntary or compulsory closure of a company and the subsequent realisation of assets and payment to creditors


A person who gives evidence in Court, called to give evidence because they witnesses an event (see also Expert witness)

Witness summons

A document issued by a court which requires a person to give evidence in court or to produce a report or other documentation for the court

Written evidence / statement

A written statement of relevant facts which is submitted to the court.