Civil Law Overview

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12CP Barristers contains a large number of Barristers who can help you with a wide variety of legal problems. We can help both individuals and businesses, regardless of size, with any legal issues you may be facing. This can involve us helping you with litigation or by resolving your problems with our range of Mediation Services.
We represent both claimants and defendants so we can help you bring a case or help you resolve a case that may have been brought against you.
Your needs are our priority. Direct Access will allow you to appoint a single individual of your choosing to help you try and achieve what you desire, in a cost-effective and professional manner.
Civil Law covers such a vast spectrum of topics and we can aid you in all of them.
This might include:
  • Insolvency Law issues either at an individual or Company level
  • Contract Law
  • Personal injury Law
  • Landlord and Tenant Law
  • School Admissions Appeals
  • Contractual arguments
  • Partnership disputes
  • Arguments over land boundaries
  • Will and probate problems
We are able to advise on your liability, the value of the claim and how you might be able to progress matters. One of our objectives is to make this experience as stress-free as possible for you by helping you control your own purse strings. 
We can help you with any documentation you may need, have a conference to explain your options, or even provide representation at hearings, fully supporting you throughout.
If you would like to avoid costly Court hearings we can even provide on site Mediation services at our offices, to help settle a dispute at the earliest possible stage.

Why are we different?

No work will be undertaken without you negotiating the fee and giving us the formal go ahead – you have total control and there will be no issues with hidden costs
It is likely you will be the Barrister’s only Direct Access client at any one time so you can be guaranteed prompt attention and a more personal service.
Our Counsel will help ensure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing or settling your claim, and help you to make a decision that would benefit you or your business once matters have been concluded.
Modern, business-like and approachable’ are a few words clients use to describe us and we pride ourselves on our specialist, practical and no-nonsense advice that is relevant, straightforward and cost-efficient. View some of our Civil Law testimonials. 

What to expect when contacting us

Contacting a Barrister is not a daunting experience. We are approachable and we understand your needs.

What do I need to provide?

Make sure when you first contact us that you provide us with all the information we may need. We require details of any notices you may have, and any forthcoming hearing dates relating to your case. This way we can deal with your enquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible and make sure the Barrister you meet can help you all the way through your case.

Our timelines

Once you have made contact with us, it is likely your first communication will be with the Barrister most suited to your needs. You will be contacted within 24 hours and a phone call, video-conference or face-to-face meeting will be arranged within a few days. If you are looking for written documents, we can usually provide them within 14 days but if the matter is more urgent just let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate you.
So if you have a matter you wish to discuss with us, please call us on 02380 320 320 or email on Alternatively you can fill in your details via the Contact Form.