Employment Law Jargon Buster

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This is a service that works alongside both employers and employees to attempt to resolve employment disputes. They can be useful to work with before deciding whether to bring an employment claim.


This is a file of documents that encloses the evidence that an employment tribunal will need to consider during a hearing.


This is financial money that the employment tribunal might award to the employee if they win their case. The amount received depends on individual circumstances.


This is the agreement between employee and employer and contains factors such as work to be undertaken and pay.


This is a form used by ACAS. It records a settlement between employee and employer that has been reached without the assistance of the employment tribunal.


These are instructions given by the employment tribunal judge about what should happen, and when, in any particular case. This can include things sending witness statements.


Under disclosure both parties have to give each other copies of all the documents that are relevant to the case.

Employment Tribunal

The employment tribunal is an independent organisation that resolves disputes between employees and employers.


This is the form that needs to be completed to commence an employment claim. It is a legal document and can be complicated at times. There are strict time limits of when the  ET1 should be sent.


This is the employers’ response to the employees ET1. This is usually a defence to the ET1.


This is a way of formally raising a concern or problem with your employer. Most employers have a grievance process that should be followed. The employment tribunal may reduce an award if you do not attempt the grievance procedure first.


This is the final part of an employment claim. It is where the judge and other members of the tribunal panel decide whether they agree or not in your case. They will then decide the best solution.


This is someone that will be named on the tribunal claim form that will be representing you throughout the claim.

Schedule of loss

This is a document that establishes how much compensation an individual can get if they succeed with their case. There are many factors involved with the schedule of loss and legal advice should be sought to calculate an accurate amount.


This is an agreement with an employer to stop a case before it goes all the way to the employment tribunal. It may happen if both parties agree to compromise and end the dispute.

Trade union

This is an organisation made up of members who work in a particular trade. The union aims to protect and improve the interests of the members whilst at work. A trade union can support employees throughout an employment claim.

Witness statement

A witness statement is a written document of evidence that will be given at the employment tribunal.