Employment Law Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from recent clients

RS Testimonial

Mr Peter Doughty is a very experienced and specialist employment law practitioner.  He has a straightforward approach and is willing to listen to one's personal situation and advise accordingly. I have recommended him to various associates who have also needed advice and his expertise. My willingness to recommend him is the best indicator of his abilities.

August 2014

Thanks from a Grateful Client

Jeremy (Burns) - many thanks for all your support during this case – a wonderful ending…most would have given up …I don’t think we could have won this case or appeal without you and reading through the transcripts, your cross examination and submissions confirm my view…many thanks again

Autumn 2013

Jojar Singh - Solicitor at LawComm Solicitors Testimonial

I have worked with Naveen (Agnihotri) over the last few years in cases involving litigation and disputes between family members.

Naveen’s ability to understand a case quickly and provide professional advice and guidance to the parties, assisting them in settling their case during Mediation and without incurring excessive legal costs is very impressive.

Naveen (Agnihotri) has never failed to impress and is a professional, friendly and confident barrister that I would thoroughly recommend.

May 2013

Malcolm Scott Walby - Commercial Mediator Testimonial

Naveen (Agnihotri) is a first class barrister who also has a superb ability to understand the practical aspects of the client's business needs.  He is tenacious but this is tempered with good sense and great integrity.

February 2013

Rick Munro - Dispute Resolution and Insolvency Lawyer Testimonial

I have worked with Naveen (Agnihotri) both in my capacity as mediator and as litigation solicitor for many years.  He is a thoroughly professional and effective advocate and mediator and I am happy to recommend him.

May 2013

Maureen Graham – HR Consultant & Coach Testimonial

Mr Doughty is a first rate employment law Barrister who has considerable expertise in disability discrimination issues. He swiftly gets to the heart of the issue and competently steers his client through the legal process. I would recommend Peter to anyone looking for employment law and/or disability discrimination advice or counsel.’

RT Testimonial

‘Fantastic result on my case and all of the issues were made clear to me at the first conference’