Family Law Costs

If you have become embroiled in a Family dispute you could benefit from having an experienced Barrister to advise you as to your options and represent you at any potential court hearing.

Legal problems can be daunting.  How do you know instructing a barrister would be right for you?

Many of our Team would be happy to meet you for an initial 30 minutes to discuss what might be involved prior to you engaging their services.

Our Barristers charge anywhere between £75-£175 per hour depending on the time taken to prepare your case and the seniority of the Barrister you wish to help you.

It is worth remembering that Barristers who charge more per hour might, because of their years of experience, do things more quickly.

We can represent or advise you on any matter involving your children or grand children or on issues relating to your finances following a separation.

On this basis:

A one day court case – could cost as little as £350 – you really could save a lot of money.

Even more complicated cases are likely to be much cheaper than you imagine.

All fees would be fixed with you in advance, so there would be no hidden or unexpected costs and YOU CAN NEGOTIATE YOUR OWN FEES.

If you simply want some guidance on what to do next, why not telephone for an appointment?