Jargon Buster Family Law Category - S-U

Section 8 Orders

An Applicant can request that the court makes any of the following orders in respect of a child:
-    residence order,
-    contact order,
-    specific issue order and/or
-    prohibited steps order.

When making a decision, the court will have regard to the child’s welfare as it’s paramount consideration and will weigh each of the welfare checklist factors in the decision making process.

Specific Issue Order

The court may make a specific issue order when it is tasked with making a specific decision in respect of a child, for example: which school he/she should attend, which religious establishment the child should visit, or by what name the child should be known.

Special Guardianship

A special guardianship order gives someone who is not the child’s parent, parental responsibility for the child. Unlike an adoption order, a special guardianship order does not end the parental responsibility of others for a child, instead it allows the special guardian to exercise parental responsibility to the exclusion of others with parental responsibility.
A special guardianship order can last until a child turns 18 years old.