Family Law Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from recent clients

A happy customer who instructed a family barrister directly

I made contact with 12 College Place on a Friday afternoon in connection with an urgent family application which required a close relative to attend court on the following Monday as a potential intervenor. Although I am a practising lawyer I have no knowledge of family law and I had never used the direct access system before.

The process was explained to me clearly and helpfully and we were able to complete the relevant formalities very efficiently.

At court on Monday Dylan Morgan was clearly very knowledgeable and authoritative but with an excellent reassuring client manner. Subsequently, he has dealt with follow up questions promptly and with clarity.

We are very appreciative of the response by the whole team and the fact that direct access was available. 

February 2014

WD Testimonial

‘The Barrister was very understanding – there might be light at the end of the tunnel’


BZ Testimonial

‘I want to thank my Barrister for invaluable advice and lots of patience. I am really pleased I got such a good result’


CL Testimonial

‘I just want to thank my Barrister – he was brilliant’


CCA Testimonial

‘Excellent from beginning to end’