Planning Law Costs

We have a range of specialists within our Chambers who can help you with any Planning problem you might have.

Our highly experienced team charge at a base hourly rate of between £125-£200 per hour depending on the complexity of your case and the seniority of Barrister you wish to assist you.

We would agree all fees in advance and you would not be invoiced for any item whatsoever without you agreeing the amount in advance.

Typically an experienced Barrister would charge between £1,250-£1500 +VAT per day plus any preparation that they might have to undertake.

As an alternative you may wish just to receive some guidance, in conference, which can take place at a location convenient to you. This would be for a fixed fee agreed with you in advance, and there would be no hidden or unexpected costs - giving you total control of your legal affairs with our expert assistance.