Jargon Buster Planning Law Category - P-R

Permitted Development (‘PD’)

rights to erect certain structures, make alterations to existing structures or change uses of land or buildings which do not require express planning permission. Different uses of land and buildings have different permitted development rights. Also known as the GPDO (‘General Permitted Development Order’).

Planning Contravention Notice

a notice issued by a Local Planning Authority formally requiring information in response to specified questions.  Failure to respond (or deliberately giving false responses) is a criminal offence.


Planning Obligation

also known as a ‘s106 agreement’ this is a formal agreement between the applicant and others to make financial contributions should planning permission be granted) for various necessary items of infrastructure, such as schools, highways improvements or the like.

Planning Inspector

an independent person appointed by the Secretary of State to determine planning appeals.

Public Inquiry

a formal hearing in public, chaired by an Inspector, relating to one of many possible matters such as an appeal to obtain planning permission, an appeal against an enforcement notice, a Town and Village Green application or in relation to modification of rights of way. Parties are often represented by lawyers or other advocates and witnesses are cross-examined.