Planning Law Overview

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Getting professional help to deal with planning matters is essential.

At 12CP Barristers we have a number of experienced Counsel who help and advise you on all matters relating to planning, from pre application processes through to representation in public inquiries or at Enforcement hearings in Court.  Whether you are a residential or commercial developer, an agent or simply a member of the public in need of expert help – we are at your disposal.

Each Barrister has extensive, specialist knowledge, and can aid you with:

  • Planning Appeals 
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Public Rights of Way Issues
  • Community Assets of Value
  • Planning Regulations
  • Issues concerning Village Green applications

At 12CP Barristers we can provide expert, objective advice on the strengths and weaknesses of any planning related issue.  

We supply tactical advice at an early stage on how to increase the probability of achieving your desired outcome in a cost effective manner over which you retain absolute control.

We can assist individuals as well as businesses in a variety of different situations, so if you are not sure if we can help, here are just some of the scenarios we can deal with:

  • You are the subject of enforcement action and need assistance on what to do about it
  • You are in a boundary dispute concerning your property
  • You are looking to make an application and need help on how to progress 
  • You are dissatisfied with a decision from the High Court and want to appeal

We have a high success rate, ranging from small planning proposals to larger more commercial developments and have been involved in a large number of the higher profile planning cases in the South of England. 

You can rest assured that we have the skill, knowledge and experience to help you with any issue you may have and you will be surprised at the potential savings you could make.

Why are we different?

Direct Access allows you to select a legal expert of your choice and for you to spend only what you are happy spending – your case and control combined with all of our expertise.

We will advise you as to whether you would benefit by engaging other specialists in the area such as chartered town planners and architects and would be able to refer you to known experts in each area. 

Our priority is to help reduce any related costs and stress regarding your planning issues and try and achieve the results you wish for. See what some of our customers have to say about us.

What to expect when contacting us

Contacting a Barrister is not a daunting experience. We are approachable and we understand your needs. 


What do I need to provide? 

Before contacting us, please make sure you are able to let us know if there are any hearing dates or time limits on the work you require help with. It is worth noting that, particularly in the case of appeals, there are strict time limits so you may need to move quickly to preserve all of your options.

If you are responding to current notices please supply us any copies of relevant paperwork, or if you are expecting to make an appeal, please detail the date of the decision and what the decision was.

Our timelines

We strive to offer the best possible service to our clients and we can deal with some urgent matters on the same day we receive the case, providing the correct Barrister(s) is available. Normally, however, you will initially speak to a Clerk, who will establish the Barrister most suitable to your needs. 

You will then have contact with the Barrister within 24 hours, and a face-to-face or video-conference call within a few days. 

So if you have a matter you wish to discuss with us, please call us on 02380 320 320 or email on Alternatively you can fill in your details via the Contact Form.